Wellness Travel

Wellness Travel is a style of travel to a wellness destination. A Wellness destination is purely focused on your overall wellbeing. It should involve personal growth and a transformational experience.

Visiting a wellness destination simply means eating healthy, being active, exploring and adventuring, pushing through some fears and seeing the beauty of what a destination has to offer including trying the local cuisine, connecting with the community + local artisans as well as being amongst nature in a zen setting.

I believe you should come back from a getaway feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, revitalized, reconnected and transformed upon return! You should never feel like you need a vacation from a vacation!

There are many destinations around the globe and locally that are unique from wellness retreat centers, yoga retreats, surf camp, spas, eco lodges, sustainable lodging, air bnbs, tree houses, farms, glamping…all from luxury style resorts, unique experiences to affordable accommodations.

My passion is to inspire, connect and guide others to these places around the globe.

xo A

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