Hello Destination,

Thank you for creating a zen space to retreat to!

I have visited hundreds of destinations globally and help wellness destinations grow by promoting and sharing with travellers and teachers who are looking for a wellness destination,  retreat or experience.  

I visit global destinations, retreats and experiences as a site familiarization visit. This provides an opportunity to experience the destination, gain logistical knowledge, connect with the local area, provide first hand expertise and obtain imagery and share on social media as a Wellness Travel Influencer. I strive to support destinations like Air BnB, retreats and vacation rentals grow into the Wellness Destination market. 

I love to connect with more global destinations and help to see them grow and thrive within this booming Wellness Tourism Industry market.



I will include your destination within my network and directory of global wellness destinations and experiences. Your destination can also be included within The Wellness Travel Guide for travellers and teachers.

I can promote your destination by sharing with clients, travellers and yoga teachers looking for a wellness getaway, retreat or lifestyle experience sharing on social media within my niche global network and followers. 

Social Media Marketing

In addition, I can offer a marketing consultation providing advice on how to grow your space into the Wellness Tourism market and how to help promote and expand your destination and offerings based on my 18 years experience in the industry.

Consultation pricing varies and sponsored stays will be considered.

Connect with me for a Consultation to discover how I can best support you by visiting my calendar here.

xo A