Brittany Folino, RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

I was very much inspired by Andrea’s life in Costa Rica.

First it was the photos that attracted me, and then it was her authentic blissful smile and sense of freedom I would feel when I’d read her posts about life while she was there. She spoke so highly of this magical place and not only of its beauty but of the Pura Vida, (simple life) lifestyle. I was craving the adventure and inspiration that her journey was reflecting.

I took the time to reach out to her and ask her more about it in-depth. She was extremely friendly and encouraging about it all, her sense of excitement made me also feel excited. So I took the step in the direction to plan a trip to Costa Rica with Andrea. She asked me a bunch of personal questions, like what I was looking for in a trip, what I was craving to experience or hope for. Yoga being my greatest passion, she recommended I travel to Nosara, Costa Rica where she had previously spent time and mentioned it as one of her favorite and most magical, transformational experiences.

She intuitively knew that this place was for me and I trusted her with it. I checked out the website and retreats that they were offering, and I felt very drawn to experience this beautiful place she spoke of with such love and sincerity.

I booked my trip in August 2015, and headed shortly after in November for a yoga retreat called “Find your Essence.” As a new yoga teacher at the time this sounded exactly like what I needed and was searching for, and surely it was! Upon arriving there I connected with many amazing, beautiful, strong and independent women who were all searching for this type of place to connect with their selves on a spiritual, emotional level to find some peace and also do some inner work.

I stayed in a cute little eco-cottage, which looked like a little tree house or cabin in the jungle. At first when I walked into the room to unpack I felt afraid and confused. It wasn’t what I had expected or hoped for; I thought to myself “What the heck am I doing here?” … I remember walking to the lobby and feeling very afraid and alone, it was very silent and I was stuck to sit in this place with my thoughts, demons and all other things that I had been too distracted to deal with or face at home because of my very busy work and life routine. I had sat down on a bench facing the trees and tears welt up in my eyes. I didn’t know what to do, my first reaction was to get on the first flight home, to run away.

I immediately remembered that Andrea told me I could contact her at ANY time of my trip and she would be there for me.

I picked up my phone and sent her a message. She replied almost instantly and asked me why I was feeling the way I did, she listened to what I said very intently and offered me comforting advice having shared that her experience felt similar to mine in the beginning. Andrea encouraged me that this was all apart of the process. Being afraid, being unsure, feeling out of place. Andrea encouraged me to just breathe, to find people to talk to, try a smoothie or delicious snack from the local café. After drying my tears and calming down, I did just what Andrea suggested. I realized I couldn’t run from these scary feelings, I am here and have to face them. So I tried to connect a little deeper, to open up and let go of wanting to stay closed off and afraid- afraid of others, afraid of this unfamiliar space, afraid of every thing around me. I stopped and told myself it was going to be okay, this is a journey and I asked to experience this. 

As the week went by more emotions and thoughts happened to stir up, constantly. I learned so much about myself in learning my reactions to my own emotions and experience. I learned so much about the people in my group and that it is okay to soften, to open up and be vulnerable… once you share with others and they share with you, you realize you really are all apart of the same thing. Not separate but rather all one.

Andrea checked in with me continuously, she even pulled angel cards for me one day on the trip and it made me feel truly special and connected to her the whole time. Almost as if she was there with me on my shoulder like a guardian angel. Every time I was afraid she encouraged me to let it go, every time I was sad, she encouraged me to let it out, to journal and reflect. Every time I needed guidance she was there to provide it.

Andrea did not let me down once. I am so thankful to her for having experienced this incredible once-in-a-lifetime-journey. I wouldn’t have done it without her. Thank you Andrea for your patience, inspiration and guidance every step of the way.

You truly have a gift for connecting others to experiencing something amazing and meaningful that they will never forget. Andrea is able to answer any and all of your questions and worries that you may have, she will be open and honest with you. If you are looking for an inspirational and transformational journey or just a trip to a beautiful place, Andrea is the perfect person to help you organize your travels. She will provide you with information and tune into whatever you need. I encourage you to book your trip today, you will come back a little bit lighter, brighter, and blissed out with memories that will last you a lifetime.

Xo Brit