Wellness Travel Expert Tips

Every time I travel whether it’s for work or pleasure I always seek out wellness-inspired destinations so it makes it easy to feel great while I am away! Check out my list that was featured in 1000 Travel Tips and Wander Wellness Magazine

During my travels, I indulge in some self-care practices and slow things down to find true rest and relaxation both in mind, body and spirit.

Here are my Wellness Travel Expert tips:

~I like to find a local yoga studio and practice yoga as well as get some localized wellness destination information and ask about must-try healthy local restaurants

~I meditate to clear my head and journal usually during a sunrise or sunset and find a local peaceful zen space usually amongst nature

~I like to get some vitamin D, hydrate with lots of water and walk everywhere to explore all the sights in take in all the senses

~I talk to locals and make like-minded friends

~I try to nap and sleep in

~I visit a local spa and seek out natural products and bring along my doTERRA essential oils for DIY facial & beauty treatments for in my bathroom morning and bedtime evening rituals

~I try something new and a fun adventure that pushes me outside my comfort zone

~I go to the local farmers markets and eat local fresh fruits & vegetables and meet with local artisans & appreciate the local culture

~ I listen to inspirational audiobooks and play happy music along with a good travel read

~ I drink lots of green juice, eat local delicacies, and always get a little dessert to satisfy the sweet tooth!

I believe you should always treat yourself and find the balance in life especially while on a getaway .

Get~away to discover your pure essence not to escape … you shouldn’t need a vacation from a vacation!

xo A

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September 8, 2017