GROW ~ Hello Wellness Destination…


Hello Destination…


Would you like to be more known as a wellness destination or gain more like-minded travellers?  Thank you for connecting and allowing me to help you grow awareness within the wellness travel industry! I always love to connect with more global destinations and help to see them thrive.

~I will include you in my directory of a solid network of global wellness destinations and heart-felt businesses I personally support.

~I offer marketing consultations providing advice on how to grow your space into this market and how to help promote.

~I conduct personal site familiarization visits around the globe for review, feeling out the space for logistics, take photos and connect with the local area for recommendations.

~I help to promote destinations by sharing with clients who are travellers and yoga teachers looking for a wellness holiday, retreat or experience.  

~I promote on social media with my global network. 

~I can manage your own social media account short-term or create one to gain more awareness and followers.


For more information, connect with me for a Consultation. Lets discuss further how I can help to support you by clicking here.

*Consultation Pricing and Guidance starts at $100USD and Packages will vary on each destination’s needs. Exchanges welcomes for wellness accommodations or services.