FLOW ~ Dear Yoga Teacher…


Dear Yoga Teacher…

Firstly, thank you for your gift of teaching on behalf of all the yogini’s out there!  In gratitude, I am here to support you as a teacher of your dreams of hosting a successful wellness retreat or experience.  


~I help to share or research unique locations for your custom wellness retreat or experience through my own global network and intuitive consultation.

~I help to promote your retreat and help to connect students or travellers to fill your spaces on your retreat based on a referral fee.  

~I can provide my unique one on one wellness travel + lifestyle concierge service to them as an added benefit.


For more information, connect with me for a 15 minute complimentary Mini Consultation on how I can support your wellness retreat or experience. Connect with me by clicking here.


*Consultation Pricing and Guidance starts at $150 USD  and Packages will vary based on the retreat needs and the offerings and will be determined after initial consultation .