Hello Teacher,

Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching on behalf of all the yogini’s and soul seekers out there!  In gratitude, I am here to support you as a teacher or facilitator in your dreams of a hosting a wellness retreat or experience.  

I have helped several yoga teachers, retreat leaders and facilitators by connecting them to a host wellness destination for a retreat or unique experience as well as to retreat participants. 

~I provide my unique concierge services and intuitive guidance through a consultation which includes suggestions, research and a customized Retreat Guide, 10 years industry knowledge and expertise, trusted advice, retreat tips, global connections through my wide network directory of destinations.


~In addition, I can help to share, promote and connect my clients and network to your retreat or experience to help fill your spaces. 


I also can offer my unique Retreat Concierge service to your travel participants/students virtually as an added value benefit for your retreat experience. I can act as your own Personal Assistant and Guide while on retreat. 


Connect with me for a consultation by booking a time and visiting my calendar at souljournadventure.as.me.


 xo A


*Consultation and Guidance start at $180-280. Referral fees are based upon a percentage.