SOLO ~ Hey there Wellness Wanderluster…


Hey There Wanderluster…


So you need to “get away”? I would love to help you find the perfect place that suits you and connects you to a wellness lifestyle in both destination and mindset.

~I connect travellers to global wellness destinations and retreats through an intuitive consultation.  I have experience in many different countries around the globe and a wide network and directory of wellness destinations that will allow me to find you the place thats for you.

~I provide trusted expert advice, suggestions, logisitics assistance and planning, inspiration, coaching and travel tips. 

~I help to customize an itinerary that is perfect for you.

~I can help to navigate you throughout your travel bookings.

~I can offer unique life coaching to push through any fears of travelling solo or working through any life challenges.  

~I can help to guide you along the journey both online and in person. 


For more information, connect with me for your  Consultation. I look forward to chatting with you please connect by clicking here.

*Consultation and Guidance Pricing starts at $100USD and Packages and itinerary will vary for every client needs.