I offer my unique Wellness Travel Concierge service to Travelers and Teachers connecting them to global Wellness Destinations,  Wellness Retreats and Unique Experiences.


Go SOLO Traveler…

have helped to connect hundreds of travelers to global wellness destinations,  wellness retreats and unique experiences.

I can help you by providing my guidance, concierge services, custom research, intuitive suggestions, expertise, trusted advice, travel tips, a custom-created Travel Guide, planing, logistical assistance, inspiration and coaching.

I can also assist with any bookings if required.


FLOW Teacher…

I have helped to support many yoga teachers, retreat leaders and facilitators by connecting them to a host wellness destination for a retreat or unique experience. 

I provide a custom Destination Guide to share and connect you to unique host destinations for your retreat or experience based on my own expertise, industry knowledge, research, intuitive guidance and global connections through my wide global network directory.

In addition, I can help to connect and share your retreat offering to my clients and connect them to you on a referral basis to help fill your retreat spaces.

I also can offer my unique Retreat Concierge service to your participants virtually as an added value benefit for your retreat experience as well as act as your own Personal Assistant while on retreat. 


GROW your Destination …

I have visited hundreds of destinations globally and help wellness destinations to grow by promoting and suggesting to travelers and teachers who are looking for a host destination, wellness retreat or unique experience.  

I have a strong network and directory of  preferred wellness destinations globally and can include your destination within the Travel Guides.

In addition, I can help makeover or manage your social media as well as provide marketing and consulting strategies on how to grow your business into this market. 


Let’s connect!
I offer a mini consultation complimentary to connect and discover your individual needs as a traveler, teacher or destination.

Book your  mini complimentary Consultation by visiting my calendar here.



*My Guidance and Concierge Service Fee will vary based on each individual client request and will be quoted after initial consult.

Marketing and Consulting pricing will vary based upon each individual destination and will be quoted after the initial consultation.

Additionally, Hosted Travel Accommodations, Services and Exchanges will be considered.